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Some scenarios may be long while the others will be short. I'm not used to writing short scenarios so you have to bare with me.

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15th July 2014

Question with 38 notes

Anonymous said: What would Kris/Lay/Chanyeol do if they woke up before you after a particularly rough night of lovemaking, and they saw that they had accidentally left pretty noticeable bruises all over you?

I feel like Kris isn’t the type to leave bruises in noticeable areas so he would probably feel bad but he would be a little smug about it because for him to leave bruises it must have been really good. I can see Kris apologizing in the morning and and asking if it hurts.

Lay would probably baby you for the day, he doesnt seem like a person that would normally leave bruises either. Lay would be really sweet about it. He would probably gently touch/kiss them and ask you if they hurt. He would probably run a warm bath for you and cook breakfast for you because he would feel bad. He would be be doing everything and just have you laying in bed or on the couch relaxing or watching tv.

Chanyeol, on the other hand, i see constantly leaving bruises. So he would just be like ‘i’m sorry about the bruises but you know you love them” or some comment like that. But he wouldn’t be so rough with you for a while tho. He’ll be a little gentler with you until the bruises go away.

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22nd June 2014

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Anonymous said: Heeeey did you come back? I've missed youuuu 😢

Hi! I’m sorry! My MCAT test date is actually July 12. I have about three weeks left before the exam. Ahhh! I’ll be back after that.

There are probably going to be a few changes. I really haven’t thought much about it. However, I have 2,000+ followers even after basically being on hiatus for a long longggg time and still on it. I wanted to say thank you for following and continuing to follow me.

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25th March 2014

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Anonymous said: Omg you're gonna be in medical school? That's awesome. I wanna become a doctor too ^^

Trying to get in! Thats why my MCAT is super important to me. The test has become a lot more difficult recently because of the format change happening next yr. I dont want to take it when it changes because it has psychology and sociology with it as well and the test is going to be around 5 hours long. T.T

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4th March 2014

Question with 21 notes

Anonymous said: 3rd question!! (i'm super loyal to sehun) What are Sehun's thoughts when he sees the girl he likes wear a dress for the first time? (the girl is kinda boyish so she doesn't wear dress too much) thanks again ^^

Sehun would be really shocked and speechless. He would stare for a while. he would find it out of place to see her in a dress and stuff but he would still think that she looks really pretty. If the girl was someone sehun actually talked to rather than a distant crush he would probably go up to her and tease her a little before telling her that she looks beautiful in the dress.

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4th March 2014

Question with 6 notes

sehunshades said: 2nd question again (lol an idea just popped out of my head) thanks for reading this btw. :) what type of girls will Sehun be in love with?

a similar question like that has been answered here

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4th March 2014

Question with 13 notes

sehunshades said: 1st time asking here. Kekeke~~ hope u see this. ^^ Anyway, how does Sehun confess to a girl he liked for almost a year? (the girl he liked is one of his friends so sehun is like a little bit friendzoned)

I think sehun would be really shy and nervous about getting rejected at first but once he starts confessing he would be committed to following through with it the whole way. He would probably beat around the bush a little bit and start some random/normal conversation before he builds up the confidence to just do it. he would start off with how he’s known her for a while and he’s started to like her but he knew that she liked his friend so he didnt want to get in the way but he realized that he needs to let her know how he feels about her. Then he would ask for her to give him a chance to prove himself to her.

i really cant see sehun going full out being super romantic or something like that unless he really knew or had a really good idea of how the girl felt about him

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4th March 2014

Question with 7 notes

you-give-me-vertigo said: What kind of different European cultures would EXO date? Especially if they had a fetish with accents? (Im Chinese lol so not being bias here) And if possible - would any member want a specific eye colour for their future baby?

Accents are sexy as fck. so I think they would find it hot. Unless she sounds like christina from that korean tv show (im sorry but i cant deal with her voice). I don’t think they would care what cultures the girls are from as long as there is an initial attraction both physically and personality wise.

uhhh. idk about eye color since thats really a personal thing but they are all asian so im pretty sure they are expecting a brown eyed kid. (im not gonna go all nerdy with this question so imma leave it at that).

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4th March 2014

Question with 10 notes

Anonymous said: What would it be like to babysit chanyeol/Chen/baekhyun? (When your dating them) Also don't listen to those rude comments there not worth your time!:D

They are 21 yr old guys. They shouldn’t need babysitters and if they do you shouldn’t be dating a guy like that, just saying. lol

maybe there is something else missing to this question that im not getting?

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4th March 2014

Question with 26 notes

Anonymous said: How would Kris/Lay/Xiumin react if you had a gay best friend? But you're gay best friend go around calling you baby,honey,sweety ect. Also Kris/Lay and Xiumin do not know he is gay. And yes you are there girlfriend. I hope I did not confused you. ^_^

I feel like all of them would be pissed off and would think that the guy was trying to hit on her but their levels on anger would be different.

Kris would be absolutely pissed off. He knows that the guy is your friend so he might not say anything extreme to the guy but he would give hints about how he doesn’t like the guy calling you with those nicknames and that he needs to back off. He’ll ask you whats up with all the endearing nicknames and tell you that he doesn’t trust the guy. Once you tell him that he is gay he wouldn’t be so angry or think that hes trying to steal you but he wouldn’t be happy with all the nicknames either. He would probably still secretly dislike the guy a little.

Lay wouldn’t be as angry. he would talk to the guy though telling him he doesn’t appreciate him calling his girlfriend names only he should be calling her. However, I think the misunderstanding would be resolved easily and they’d be okay with each other.

Xuimin would be pissed too but Xuimin seems more civil and adult like than the other two. He’d talk to you about it rather than that guy. Once you explain he wouldn’t be piss. I feel like he wouldn’t mind your friend calling you honey/sweet or whatever as long as he isn’t around.

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4th March 2014

Post with 3 notes

I’m looking over past scenarios and questions i’ve answered.

so embarrassed with myself. Why am i like this, gah. my face is all red reading the replies.

anyways. i’m answering some questions and adding them to the queue but they wont be posted until later in the day today (EST).
I have this rated sehun mini story plot in my head that i cannot get rid of so i might be working on that a little. its a new concept/theme that i havent really written before so idk how its gonna turn out. I mean its rated, basically sehun + rated is my forte. I really want to get to my scenario request list but its just difficult coming up or having motivation to write scenarios about some of the other members.

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