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11th March 2012

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A Night Time Swim ft. Sehun/You (Rated)

You are close friends with EXO and currently you are hanging around the EXO house with the members.  You used to be a trainee at SM entertainment but you stopped being a trainee because you realized being an idol wasn’t something you wanted do.

You were sitting on the sofa laughing as you watched Kai, Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and Suho verse each other in bowling on the Xbox kinect. They were all talented dancers but bowling, even on the kinect, was not their thing. D.O. and Sehun were sitting next to you. D.O. was on his computer while Sehun sat on the sofa looking extremely bored.

After a while, Sehun asked you to go somewhere with him. You got off the sofa and followed him outside and sat on the swings in the backyard. To the left of the swings was the in-ground pool with its lights on. You guys swung back and forth looking up at the stars and the moon. Its silent, but its a comfortable silence.

"So, how is everything going so far?" you ask him about his debut. "It’s hectic and crazy. We have so many schedules already and we haven’t even debuted yet." Sehun tells you, sighing. "Aw, my poor dongsaeng is being overworked and stressed out. I’ll go beat up SM for you!" you say to him while you make a fist pounding motion, making him laugh.

"Please don’t do that. I’ll probably get kicked out of EXO" he says making you chuckle.

"And I don’t think you should be calling me dongsaeng. You look like the dongsaeng. I’m a foot taller than you and you look like you’re 12. You should just call me Oppa." He teases you. He knows you hate being so short and younger looking than you actually are.

"YAH! So what if I’m shorter than you! I’m still older than you! You should be calling me Noona,” you say to him.

"Fine. Fine." He says laughing. "I like noonas better anyways." He turns and says under his breath, just audible for you to hear. You smile when you hear this because you’ve secretly liked Sehun since you’ve first met him. You copy Sehun and say loudly, "I like dongsaengs better anyways."

He turns to look at you, clearly surprised by what he had just heard. He thought you hadn’t heard what he said early but clearly he was wrong. You smirk at him and hop off the swing. ” _____ where are you going?” He asks. ” Sehun, want to go for a swim?” you ask him. “But you don’t have a bathing suit here.” He says getting up from the swing as well. “I can just swim in my underwear.” You say to him as you walk over towards a lounge chair starting to take your clothes off. Sehun is stunned for a moment when he sees you only in a zebra printed bra and matching underwear.

Sehun takes in your appearance looking at your legs, butt, and chest several times over. You don’t notice because you were busy tying your hair into a bun so that it doesn’t get wet. You turn to look at him and see that he was taking off his clothes as well. The first thing you notice are his fairly defined abs but you laugh immediately when you see his pink striped boxers. “Cute” you say as Sehun blushes and wishes that he wore a different pair that day.

You hop into the shallow end of the pool while Sehun does a cannon ball into the pool, making a huge splash and covering you completely in water. “YAH! Look what you did! You got my hair all wet!” You yell at him when he comes back to the top. All he does is stick is tongue out and blow you a raspberry. You start splashing him with water. He retaliates and does the same to you.

He stops and has an evil look in his eye. He dives into the water and swims underneath you. You feel Sehun’s hands around your legs and all of a sudden you are flying in the air. You scream and very quickly close your mouth and eyes waiting for the impact with the water again. After you come back up you can hear Sehun laughing, you wipe the water out of your face and start to yell at him again but you see that he is swimming towards you again. Not wanting him to do it again you swim away from him. No matter how hard you tried to get away you just couldn’t. Sehun was the stronger swimmer and he had somehow managed to corner you between the walls of the pool and his body.

Being in the semi shallow part of the pool, you finally have a clear view of his abs and muscular arms. You feel embarrassed that you are staring openly at his body and look away only to look into Sehun’s eyes. You realize how extremely close the both of you are. There is an unspoken tension between the two of you. You advert your eyes to avoid his gaze but they end up on his very kissable lips. You feel your cheeks start to heat up. You let out a sigh and turn your head to the right.

Sehun calls your name but you shake your head continuing to avoid his gaze.

”_____, look at me” he says to you again. When you turn to look at him you feel his lips on yours. Your eyes go wide and fall into shock but the kiss was sweet and gentle. It doesn’t take long for you to kiss him back. After gaining more courage from you kissing back, Sehun deepens the kiss. He puts his arms around your waist while he licks your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You let him in, your tongues fighting each other trying to gain dominance. You let him win, allowing him to explore your mouth. You wrap your arms around his neck and continue to kiss him.

You two finally pull apart with smiles on your faces. Sehun rests his forehead on yours and looks into your eyes. “Do you know that I’ve liked you for a while?” he asks. You bite the inside of your bottom lip and shake your head. “Since when?” you ask him. “For a while. Since I joined SM,” he said.

You were quiet for a while trying to process what had just happened. “I’ve liked you ever since Suho introduced us.” you told him. Sehun smiles. “You know I had to do 2 months worth of his chores before he agreed to introduce me to you.” he says to you. You both laugh.

Sehun kisses you again but this time its different. There is no uncertainty about how you both feel about each other. It’s harsh, rough, and deep. Your hands immediately relocate to his head, your fingers kneading through his hair and massaging his neck. Sehun begins to run his hands up and down the side of your body, getting closer and closer to your womanly center. 

You broke the kiss and began to kiss Sehun along his jaw line eliciting a deep moan from him. You continue to kiss him along his neck and collarbones until you release a moan. Sehun has gone past your underwear and was navigating though your womanly folds, circling his fingers around your clit. He inserts a finger into your hole. Pumping it in and out. After a while he has two fingers in and later three .

You are a moaning mess, feeling indescribable pleasure. Wanting him to feel the same you move your hand into his boxers and grab his throbbing member. You fondle his scrotum and then start to stroke his member. He moans into your neck and bites down onto your skin making you gasp.

You can’t take it anymore. You need him inside of you. “Sehun, I need you.” you moan to him. “Are you sure?” he moves back to look at you. You bite your lip and nod your head. He removes his fingers from you causing you to involuntarily whine but quickly after he strips himself of his boxers and then begins to remove your bottoms while you unclasp your bra.

You open your legs giving him access. He inserts himself inch by inch, both of you enjoying the friction between the two of you. When he is finally in all the way he pumps slowly in and out just savoring the feeling. It was pleasurable but it wasn’t enough for you. You wrap your legs around his waist bringing him closer to you. You ground your hips into his. This caused him to moan and have a wave of fervor flush over him. He began to increase his pace. All you could do was wrap your arms around him and hold on.

You let out a moan when he finally found your spot. He continued to hit that spot over and over again. “Sehun, I’m so close” you moan into his neck. “I know, baby. Me too.” he says to you between grunts. “Come for me, baby.” you say to him kissing his neck and jaw line. After a few more thrusts your orgasm hit you like a train, causing you to moan loudly. Sehun kissed you to muffle your moaning. The feeling of you contracting around his member was too much for him and he came as well. Shooting himself inside you and your muscle contractions milking even more out of him.

You continue to kiss each other as you ride out your high. You both break apart gasping, trying to get your breathing back to normal but continue to give each other pecks here and there every few seconds. You guys continued to do this until you heard a cough come from the direction of the house. You see 2 towels and some clothes on a lounge chair and Suho walking away. “If you are going to have sex outside and in public, at least try to be quite if you don’t want it to be so damn obvious” He says with his back facing away from them before he entered the house.


Sorry it turned out to be a lot longer than I expected.
I still can’t believe I wrote that. I hope its not too horrible.
I don’t advise anyone to do this because sexual intercourse under water its not safe. 

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