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29th March 2012

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Enjoy The Show ft. Luhan/You/Sehun (Rated)

It’s been a month since you were able to spend time with your amazing boyfriend, Luhan. You were busy with school while he was busy with preparations for his debut. You guys had the whole EXO dorm to yourselves today and you were both currently in Luhan’s room cuddling in his bed watching TV.

Luhan had his arm around you while you rested your head on his chest. You had been watching TV for the past hour. Getting bored, you traced random shapes on his chest.

”_____, stop. It tickles.” he says to you holding your hand in place. You take your hand back and turn to lie on your stomach, your hands propping your head up. 

You lay there staring at him, admiring his handsome face. “Why are you staring at me?” he asks as he side glances you.

"I was just wondering how someone as ugly as you got into SM and is about to debut as an idol," you say to him with the most serious tone and expression you could muster before you broke into laughter.

"WHAT? UGLY?  ME?" He says in mock anger. He turns you over, making you lie on your back while he is on top of you straddling your waist.

"You’re going to pay for what you said!" he says before he starts tickling you. You shriek, squirming underneath him trying to hold his hands to stop him from tickling you. He grabs your hands and holds them above your head with just one hand.

"Take it back!" he says still tickling you. "You’re not ugly! YOU’RE NOT UGLY!" you say desperately between your fits of laughter. He smiles but continues to tickle you. "LUHAN! Stop, please!!!! You’re the most handsome guy ever! You’re the best looking in EXO!" you say to him on the verge of crying from laughing so much. He finally stops tickling you. 

As you try to catch your breath, Luhan leans in and kisses you on the lips. Oh, how you’ve missed his kisses. It’s short and sweet. Luhan pulls away but you lean up to kiss him again, your hands cupping his cheeks. He smiles into the kiss as your fingers go to the back of his neck and tread through his hair. When you finally break apart, you say to him, “I’ve really missed you.”

"I know, baby. I missed you too." He says before giving you a kiss on the lips. "But you know, we do have the whole dorm to ourselves. It’s just us here" He continues to say as he uses his forefinger to trace your jaw line, neck, and collar bone all the way down to your chest.

You take a deep breath and moan as Luhan begins to kiss you on the side of your neck. You tilt your head to the side giving him better access.  Your hands are tangled in his hair, pulling him closer to you. 

He returns to your lips, kissing you passionately. You bite his lower lip earning a groan from him. He slides his tongue into your mouth, getting familiar with your warm cavern. You’re hands are on the hem of his shirt pulling it off of him. You both proceed to strip each other of your clothing. 

Once completely nude, Luhan trails wet kisses down your chest. He leaves a love mark on your left breast before taking the taut nub in his mouth. He sucks it roughly before grazing his teeth over it. He does the same to the other, the whole time you are biting your lip to prevent yourself from moaning.

"I want to hear you. Let it out" Luhan tells you before he continues down your stomach stopping at your pelvic bone. He trails wet kisses from your knee to the inside of your thigh while never touching where you needed him the most. You have a burning feeling in the pit of your stomach as he does the same to your other leg. 

You can’t take it anymore, “Luhan, stop teasing me,” you say to him. You moan loudly when Luhan is finally at your center, licking up your slit. His tongue is working wonders on your clit while he inserts two fingers into you. 

You jerk your hips up and grind yourself into his face and hand. Luhan holds your hips down as he pumps his fingers into you harder and faster. You moan loudly arching your back up as you come on his fingers. 

He removes his fingers and wipes them off on the bed sheet. You pull him up to you to kiss him roughly before you flip him over. You kiss him from his neck down to the base of his member. Along the way you nip and lick his skin, your hands roaming around his very defined abs.

You take his member in your hands and lick him from the head to the base causing him to moan. You go back up tracing the pulsating vein on the underside of his cock before taking him fully into your month. You suck him off, your tongue circling around the head every time you come back up.

His hands are intertwined in your hair. He lets out a moan as you start to take him deeper into your mouth. “Ugh, Stop before I come.” he says to you. You immediately stop and straddle Luhan’s waist, positioning his member at your entrance.

You lower yourself on him and let out a long moan as he fills you. Once he was in to the hilt you begin to bounce on top of you. Luhan’s hands were on your waist balancing you. He would meet you coming down on him with his own thrusts. You were moaning loudly, enjoying the friction between the two of you.

Unknown to you and Luhan, Sehun had returned to the dorm after a long schedule since early morning. Upon entering the dorm he hears some strange sounds and follows the direction of where the sounds were coming from. He follows and ends up in front of Luhan’s room.

Unfortunately for you and Luhan, but very lucky for Sehun, Luhan’s door was slightly cracked open and Sehun had a perfect view of what was going on. He saw you riding Luhan and clearly enjoying it.

Sehun knew it was wrong to watch but he couldn’t take his eyes away. He was always jealous of Luhan for dating you. Sehun always had a thing for you. You knew Sehun just as long as you did Luhan but Luhan had asked you out before Sehun had the chance.

Sehun could feel himself getting aroused and couldn’t help but relieve himself as he watched what was happening. He began to palm himself through his sweatpants. Luhan flipped you over and began to take control. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he began to thrust into you in a fast past. You couldn’t help but moan his name over and over again.

Sehun rested one hand on the doorframe while he stroked himself with the other. He wished that it was his name you were moaning and him who was making you feel that way. 

Sehun was too focused on watching and pleasuring himself that he lost his balance and stuck his arm out to prevent his fall. What Sehun landed on was Luhan’s bedroom door causing the door to swing open and Sehun to fall into Luhan’s room.

You and Luhan break away and you cover yourself with the blanket. Sehun currently wishes that he was invisible so he wouldn’t be in this embarrassing situation. “Sehun, what the hell is going on?” Luhan asks. Sehun gets up off the floor and looks in your direction then down to the ground unsure of where keep his eyes.

"Well you see, I just got home and I heard some noises. I didn’t know what they were so I was checking it out and when I got to your door I tripped over my feet and fell." Sehun tried making an excuse.

Luhan was going to say something before you whispered into his ear. You glanced at Sehun as you whispered into Luhan’s ear.

"What? Are you sure?" Luhan says to you and all you do is nod your head. "Fine." Luhan says to you and you put on the biggest smile before kissing him on the cheek.

"Sehun, I think we all know that’s a lie from that bulge you have and that wet spot on your sweats," you say to him as you get off the bed and walk towards Sehun’s direction. Sehun looks up and sees you advancing towards him. He blushes seeing you completely nude and immediately diverts his eyes back to the ground. 

When you reach him, you lift his chin up to look you in the eyes. Sehun takes a gulp, his throat all of the sudden feeling extremely dry. “Well, since you have a little problem and you’ve already seen everything. Why don’t you join us,” you say to Sehun in a sultry voice trailing your fingers on his collarbone and around the lining of his v-neck tee shirt. 

Sehun doesn’t say anything and just stands there looking at you, then Luhan, and back to you. You take his hands and bring them to your breasts encouraging him to massage them. Sehun lets out a sigh as he plays with your soft mounds, his thumbs running over your erect nipples. You smile and lean in to kiss him.

Sehun is nervous and as he kisses you, his teeth crash into yours. He apologizes but you shake your head and smile at him. You remove his shirt and continue to kiss him.  Your hands are on his bulge stroking him through his pants. He moans into the kiss. 

You continue kissing him until you feel the bed against your legs. You turn around and push Sehun onto the bed. You strip him of his pants and take his member into your hands. You thumb the head, spreading the pre-come that had accumulated around his manhood before taking it into your mouth. You continue to suck him of causing him to moan until he pulls you up to him and lays you down on at the head of the bed.

He kisses down your body, his tongue circling around your nipples. “Ugh. Sehun just fuck me,” you moan to him.  Sehun positions himself between your legs and takes a deep breath before he inserts himself into you slowly. When he is fully in, Sehun needs to take a few breaths so he doesn’t come right then and there. 

You grind your hips into him becoming impatient and Sehun grunts before he starts to thrust inside of you. “Ugh, _____. You feel so damn good,” Sehun says as he continues to thrust inside of you. You let out a moan as he starts to pick up his pace and you rack your nails over his abs.

Not wanting to forget about Luhan you motion for him to come over to you. “Thank you.” you say to him before you kiss him on the lips and stroke his member. He moans and says “Anything for you.” You take Luhan into your mouth and suck him off as Sehun continued to thrust into you.

Your constant moaning sent vibrations to Luhan’s member. Luhan toyed with your clit as you sucked him off. Luhan was very close to ejaculating before Sehun burst into the room so it doesn’t take long for Luhan to come into your mouth.

Luhan now focused on your clit as Sehun wrapped your legs around his waist in order to go deeper into you. You moan both Luhan and Sehun’s names unsure of who is giving you the pleasure. You start to feel the tight coil in your stomach as Sehun grinds himself into you rubbing against your sweet spot. 

"OH GOD. RIGHT THERE. DON’T STOP" You moan to Sehun. Sehun begins to thrust harder hitting that spot in you over and over again. You finally lose it and come again a second time that night. Your body shaking as you ride out your orgasm. Sehun thrusts into you a few more times but your muscles tightening around his member was too much for him. He removes himself from you and releases himself on your stomach.

Sehun lies down on the other side of you. The three of you are coming down from your high and after shocks. You turn to Sehun and say to him, “You know you shouldn’t spy on people right.” Sehun has his eyes closed but nods his head. “But did you at least enjoy the show?” you say to him. The three of you burst into laugher.

This was a lot longer than I expected 2125 words.
I’m not really sure how I feel about this.
I don’t know why but I feel like I’m going to get backlash for it. =/ 

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