This is a scenario blog dedicated to all the members of EXO.

I don't do ships. Three member max when asking questions.

I will write scenarios that come I come up with on my own. You can also request scenarios as well. I write smut so feel free to request that as well but I do not write Yaoi.

If you do not specify exactly what you want done in your request, I will take over full creative input and create the oneshot/scenario how I see fit. This means that you have to explicitly tell me rated or not rated, Who you want to be in the scenario and what kind of plot you want.

Some scenarios may be long while the others will be short. I'm not used to writing short scenarios so you have to bare with me.

You can put "completed" in the search bar to pull up all the completed scenarios.

21st April 2012

Question with 1 note

Anonymous said: rated tao scenarios? :3

yes there are a lot of tao scenarios coming up i just havent gotten to them!

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